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Creating Psychological Safety at Work- 9/26/18

Migration Brewing

2828 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97232

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Does your team feel like they can take risks?
Join us Wednesday, September 26th for a panel discussion on Psychological Safety at Work with local PDX business leaders.

This discussion will focus on why psychological safety is critical in our teams and how can we, as leaders, get better at it.

One of the tenets of Conscious Capitalism is Conscious Leadership. If we’re lucky, we’ve had the experience of working for a leader who recognizes that part of their job is to create psychological safety; a leader who:

  • Values us as individuals
  • Allows us to make mistakes & learn
  • Encourages us to innovate and take risks
  • Recognizes our strengths, and helping us to achieve our potential
  • Creates an environment of harmony and respect

But unfortunately, many of us have worked with a different kind of leader, who may:

  • Have limited interaction with their people, only related to tasks
  • Punish us when we make mistakes
  • Keep things the way they’ve always been
  • Treat people differently
  • Look the other way when there is bullying, disrespect and disharmony

We'll discuss: Why is it important to create psychological safety? How can we spot if there is a problem? Is it possible for us, as employees to create it for ourselves?

Portions of this event will be filmed, if you do not wish to appear on camera, please let us know.

Event Details: We'll have a panel discussion including a Q&A segment along with additional time to connect and share.

Appetizers and 1 beer/wine will be provided with registration.

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Past Events

"Closing the Loop" Film Screening and Discussion

6/28/18- Portland State University

The key takeaway message from Closing the Loop is that moving to a circular economy is not only essential and urgent, but also entirely possible, if we take inspiration from the pioneers, such as those featured in the film, and scale up similar business models, product innovations and customer solutions around the world.

"Prosperity" Film Screening and Discussion

5/30/18- Bloodworks Live Studio

We had a Portland premiere showing of Pedram Shojai's eye-opening documentary about an important companies that are tackling the issues of triple bottom line business practices.

This was followed by a group discussion and panelist presentations by local conscious capitalist leader and innovators.

CCP Community Evening - Values

4/25/18- 100 SW Market St.

We had a fun evening of open networking and exploration of company values and how they shape the way we live, at work and at home.

Elevate Business 2018 Conference

- A “deep dive” into Conscious Capitalism and its principles from one of its founders. Learning how the Portland business community represents these values and see compelling evidence that supports this approach to doing business.

 -Connections with a variety of local companies, business partners, and professionals who know that business can be a force for good in the world.

-Igniting passions for positive business and decisions on what you need to do next to apply these principles in your own business or team.

Highlights include:

  • International thought leader/keynote speaker and co-founder of Conscious Capitalism, Raj Sisodia. Raj is the author of numerous conscious business titles including Conscious Capitalism and Firms of Endearment. He is FW Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business at Babson College.
  • Portland business leader David Howitt, founder and CEO of The Meriwether Group, a private equity, business accelerator, and advisory firm committed to changing how human values are expressed in business. David and his wife created and built Oregon Chai, a beloved NW brand.